Human Billboard

I was about thirteen at the time, and I was secretly in love with my brother's best friend. My brother would never allow me to date him or even get close to him for that matter. It didn't matter to me though... I still tried my best to get him to notice me. For that reason, I decided that if he hadn't noticed me yet, I should try something more dramatic. I took a permanent marker and wrote his name with hearts all around the soles of my shoes. Looking back, I was pretty much a human billboard. My brother got pissed off at me and got me in trouble. The guy was embarrassed and I had to get rid of my shoes. Later on, he told me he liked me too, and I married a guy that looked exactly like him.

Party Pooper

It was around Christmas time, and I was at a company event. Everyone was having such a fun time exchanging gifts, etc. The Vice President of the company got up to give a speech, giving me a perfect time to get up and go to the restroom. While I was in the restroom, I could not find any toilet paper. So, I decided to bend over and grab some from the closest stall. I was bent over with my pants down trying to get toilet paper from the next stall, and somebody opened the door to the stall I was in! My pants were down around my ankles, I was bent over, and I still did not have toilet paper. Guess I was shit out of luck.